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Say hello and tell us why you like SxC as a pairing c:

  1. Amyiceeyes
    Yeah... So I guess I'll start...

    Hello, I'm AmyIceEyes...

    And I love this pairing because... well... fanart is really dangerous xD
  2. eriberri
    I'm Eriberri ~ hi!

    I love this pairing cos not only do they look hot as hell together, but they have similar angst issues and because of it the fanfictions (good ones anyway) are more serious and steamy [without fluff generally - thank god!].
  3. Maylani
    hi everybody i'm maylani (you can call my lani as well XD) and i totally agree with you both i like that they have similar problems... but i can't tell which one would be the seme / uke... i think both would work, if they were really good fanfictions for it
  4. ShadowYinYang
    Ah YES!!! I did not think I'd be so lucky to find a group on this pairing but it exists!!!

    Why I love it? Hmm...it's just so awesome!!!!

    Well, seriously:
    I should start with what got me into it.
    I thank Kingdom Hearts. I was i nthe coliseum and one match, behold! Leon and Cloud teaming up!!
    So at first I was kinda: "...huh?" b/c neither appear the type to work with other people if they're not friends with them, esecially if they haven't exactly exchanged words. But then I kinda thought "Huh, they would be kinda cute together."
    Then in KHII: YAY! They do speak to each other! And fight together again!

    After I officially liked them, my life got better: DISSIDIA!
    And after that, they're one of my top fav pairings.

    I started thinking more critically about them since I'm not the kind of person to like a pairing just b/c they look cute together.

    So I started thinking: They both apparently have a thing with leather and swords so they have something in common.
    Cloud has had a terrible past, and I see Leon/Squall as his pillar. The person CLoud can lean on and have support from. [yes, I prefer Cloud as uke way more but I don't mind him as seme so long as Squall is kept in-character if it's a fanfic]
    I think they can quite easily understand each other. Like when they need space or not.

    And I know this sounds wierd but ever since I started writing fanfics on them, I apparently unonciuosly see this in their relationship b/c I noticed this after a while: While Squall tops, Cloud has the control in the relationship lol.
  5. RyoKitamura
    OMG I cannot picture Cloud as a seme with Squall/Leon XD there's no way in hell i will buy that, Zach spent YEARS training Cloud to be uke, Squall didn't fall in to Seifer's BDSM play XD, (I picture Squall/Seifer pairing as flip-flop buddies) so p-pleaseeeee it is SquallxCloud never CloudxSquall nuff' said. =)

    BTW nice to meet you all XD.
  6. ShadowYinYang
    Yes, Squall on top for the win! XD

    I love what you said on how Zack practically drilled CLoud to be uke (b/c it's true lol!)
  7. RyoKitamura
    Deshou? XD

    All those years training for shinra, how Zack takes care of cloud, the man practically give his life for Cloudy.

    So, Dear Cloudy can't be a Seme XD... maybe with Sephiroth little brothers, Yazoo & Kadaj except Loz, he's mine XD. RAWR! HOHOHO ♥
  8. ShadowYinYang
    Lol! Now that I think about it...yeah the only pairing I like him with when he's seme is in KH when I pair him with Sora^^;
  9. RyoKitamura
    So true!, little Sora can learn some tricks from master Cloudy! XD
  10. ShadowYinYang
    omg XD

    You're making me think of things I shouldn't be thinking XD
    Great for fanfics though! lol!
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