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Hiroki or Nowaki

  1. Kyuu90
    Which one do you love more?

    Me? I adooooore Hiroki. He's just like me in sooo many ways. Kyaaaa.

    On this online yaoi chat the other day, I was debating with other people which anime was better; Gravitation or Junjou Romantica? We started saying things like, "Well, (anime) has (this person)!"

    When I said, "Well, Junjou Romantica has Hiro-san," everyone had a 'who cares?' attitude. They said he was a jerk, and everyone seemed to adore Nowaki. Well, Nowaki is a sweetheart, but I just wanted to see who everyone likes more and to see what you guys think.
  2. lovelyraven
    hmm while thinking about i really like nowaki more, i believe because he is always trying to prove himself to hiroki.
  3. Lacie
    I like Hiroki more because hes more realistic in my opinion. He has his pride like everyone and his additude and actions are more like what a real life stubborn prideful person would do. :] Not saying it wrong or anything but seeing how society looks down upon the whole gay couple thing, anyone with a strong sense of pride would not be able to show how much he loves his lover outside. Plus hes younger than Nowaki. xD

    Nowaki in my opinion is like a made up, too good to be true, kind of lover. Though he has his own unique charms like the gentleness and complete devotion to Hiroki, he just seems too good to be true. I mean who wouldnt want a handsome, very hardworking, nice, gentle, caring, lover? Seems very unrealistic to me, but either way they are both very loveable characters.
  4. dharmaserenity
    I love Hiroki. He was instantly my favorite character. I get him. And I like that he's not always nice, and quick to get angry or jealous - it makes him gritty and believable. And though Nowaki is sweet, there's a side to him that can be irritating - his jealousy and his constant need to compete with Hiroki's accomplishments, so I can understand the friction in their relationship and why Hiroki wears that cute scowl on his face at all times lol. It makes them more realistic and Nowaki doesn't seem as perfect, too, as a result, which makes him more likable.

    So I say Hiroki. Love him to bits!
  5. Wanerness
    Well when i 1st thought about it i thought Hiroki but now im torn and drawn to Nowaki (i really like the name id defo call my kid that). i think its easier to say i love them both Hiroki brings the fire to the relationship and i have to say i rather like his personality,whereas Nowaki is the safe 1 tho he can be a bit annoying with him constantly trying to catch up to Hiroki and he just seems too nice at times.

    If i had to just pick 1 tho itd have to be Hiroki all the way
  6. Oni_Yuri
    I love them both....can't pick one ;A; Both are sexy
  7. alchemist04
    hmmmmm........ love Hiroki more! he is stubborn that he is even like a child & an adult at the same time. And he is just full of pride like myself...lol.. so he kinda reminds me of me
  8. mighty_anubis
    I relate to Hiroki more, and funnily enough would act like him if I had a partner like Nowaki. I like their relationship as a whole because it seems "real" compared to the others. Both partners have their own goals and lives before they suddenly end up in each others and neither really what to make of it at first until they work it out... Plus the whole thing with Hiroki standing at Nowaki's door going "It's cold" and waiting to be invited into his bed, totally something I'd do to get into someone's bed for cuddles xD heh heh

    now I'm running late for work!! nyaaaah!
  9. lev1
    I like them both 'cause they crack me up but I definately relate to Hiroki more personality wise. I'm not affectionate towards others and I get annoyed/blow up easily. XD That's why Nowaki is awesome; he not only puts up with it but he flusters Hiroki, lol. Heck, Hiroki's interaction with anyone cracks me up. Miyagi and Usami anyone???

    I wished there was more episodes of them.
  10. Darkelia
    I like them both, but i prefere Hiroki because I like a lot of character. I think it is a man who has overcome the pain of unrequited love being able to go back and enjoying a new romance with Nowak, who loves him with a unique intensity.
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