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Things that should added or dropped from the game

  1. Sc00byD00315
    I think cool assassinations from horses should be added
  2. UmeTheNinja
    I love the game, but doing the same thing for each assasination gets kinda boring i.e get info, help people, kill the target in the street, get back to the bureau. (I've only played AC1, so I'm not sure what happens in AC2)

    They should let the player break into houses to assasinate them whist dodging guards, maids or alerting the whole household
  3. Sc00byD00315
    OMG that would be awesome ACII is better by far but adding new things like that would be cool
  4. Yamirou
    There is one thing I don't like in AC2. Nights... I mean- it's obvious that the streets will be crowded during the day... but at night? There should be less people!
  5. Sc00byD00315
    XD I think that the festival at night should have lasted a bit longer. I liked the music and the clothing style XD I hope they have those sitar guys or something like them in 3. They were annoying and sometimes messed me up but it was funny to knock the sitar away from them and they leave screaming
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