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How long have you been practicing?

  1. mermydgurl
    I was just curious as to how long everyone's been practicing? I myself have been practicing for three years.
  2. uzumakisamael
    i am trying for three years too ^,^
  3. KittyMcCat
    Wow. I'm new to Wicca. Only three months...
  4. mermydgurl
    @uzumakisamael That's cool that we've both been studing for that long!
    @KittyMcCat it's ok, we've all been new to it! If there's anything that you want to know just ask. I've written a paper on Wicca. If you want I'll post it here to the group. See ya!
  5. Jaspersflaw
    Ive Been practicing for almost 4 years Now and I agree with
    We all started somewhere even a coven leader started at the bottom

    Id love to see your paper Mermydgurl
  6. xanimex
    I started last year oh and random thing i was talking to my mormon friend about wicca, cause we talk about different religions, and my english teacher overheard and she keeps giving me weird looks.
  7. mermydgurl
    @Jaspersflaw. I'll post it now. It's rather long, so I hope you don't mind!
    @xanimex Don't worry about it. If she's concerned she'll probably try and talk to you about it. If you want you can show her my paper and then maybe she'll be a little more understanding about it.
  8. TigreHielo
    Hi everybody! I'm 1 of the old folks here on MF. I am eclectic, and am well-versed in Wicca. However, my practices in that direction are more traditional witchcraft - which a lot of Wicca came from. Wicca also took a lot from traditional shamanism, which is where my main practice lies. I am an ordained native shaman and high preistess. I also practice Egyptian shamanism and witchcraft. I am a published author on paganism topics. I am half Cherokee, and grew up with shamanism. My mother was one, my grandmother, etc. I've been practicing all my life, and these days I do ceremonies, weddings, and sweat lodges on a regular basis. I do a lot of Wiccan weddings and ceremonies. I'd be more than willing to help anyone who needs it or has questions.
  9. mermydgurl
    Blessed Be TigreHielo. We are truely blessed to have a high priestess in our midst. I have been practicing solitary for three years now, so I'm not exactly new, but still have much to learn. I am also part Cherokee! I also have a little Chippewa in me too, mostly from my grandfathers mother side. (She was full cherokee, and her husband was half chippewa.) I am very interested in Egyptian culture and religion. It's wonderful having you here! May the Goddess rain blessings upon you!
  10. Jaspersflaw
    Blessed Be Preistess

    My Family is also Indian Im 1/4 Lakota souix Indian From South Dakota My Grandmother Introduced me to old Native american Teachings when I was very young and As I grew Up I begain to embrace them more and At 19 Im on my way to being close to my 5 year mark

    My beliefs have helped me through some very difficult times in my life and for that I feel Closer to Wicca than anyother Religion/Spiritual path I have ever reasearched

    Just a general Question How did ya'll get introduced to Wicca
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