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Curiosity in RL

  1. idioteva
    Basically do you do other silly curious kitty things other than click on links that you shouldn't?

    Last Sunday it was my friend's 30th and I pulled a party popper and as they do sometimes, it failed. However, instead of just the string coming out, so did the little explosive thing. I stared at it knowing what it most probably was but there was the side of me that wanted to confirm it. So I grabbed the string with both hands (the exploding end only had like 1 cm of string to hold onto) and pulled. Safe to say, the party popper exploded in my hand with alot of cursing in the middle of a resturant. My hand hurt like hell for about 30 mins afterwards but at least I knew what it was.
  2. Unicoin
    i've done stuff like that. i thought it would be funny to sign one of my homophobic friend to a male sex toy website to see how he would react
    it turned out he wasn't that homophobic O.O he actually brought some toys from the website. i know this cos i saw them in his room but he still says he hasn't. not quite the same as yours but still quite funny
  3. Hyou
    I just can't resist to push buttons in real life. It's a miracle I haven't triggered the fire alarm somewhere yet
    I've pushed buttons on machines that have proved to be bad pushing, I don't remember what the heck happened once but there was something I almost destroyed by pushing a button
  4. MegaMaz
    ...I have a story. Kind of... This happened in high school, a year or so ago...>.<

    We were being stupid on one of our knock-off classes. Teacher was standing right there enjoying our antics when of the guys took out a cannister of cinnamon powder and a spoon. He goes onto tell us that he heard it was impossible to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon.

    Course, bored as we were, heads perked up. I had planned to stay out of it. It was sooo stupid...

    I watched on, along with the teacher as a trashcan was prepped and everyone started to take a try at swallowing a tablespoon of cinnamon.

    They phailed. Spectactularly. They couldn't even get it to touch the back of their throats before they gagged and spit it out. Others managed to sneeze it out of their noses in a brown cloud of powder.

    As this continued, I was getting morbidly curious. Was it really as hard as they were making it out to be? Really?

    So. My curiosity won out and as everyone else did their turn, I finally did mine.

    It was an innocent looking spoonful of powdered cinnamon, I swear!

    I put it in my mouth, as far back as I could without gagging. And tried to swallow.

    Oh, my f'cking GOD, it hurt like a motherf'cker. I gagged and spit it out, but I had put it too far back and it stayed, stuck the lining of the back of my mouth and I sneezed and sneezed and it BURNED.

    I spit out as much of it as I could. But I was sneezing out these brown clots of cinnamon snot for the rest of the day.

    What did this kitty learn by this stupendously stupid act of curiosity? It is indeed impossible to swallow a spoonful of powdered cinnamon.

    Course, my next class being Culinary Arts, I soon learned WHY it was impossible, but that, my fellow curious kitties, is for me to know and you to find out...

  5. ripjawwolffang
    Oh there was this time when my friend dared me to lick my blood of my arm after i cut myself really bad on this broken ceramic dolphon...
    At first i was like EEWWW NO!
    But then i wouldered what it would feel like...
    and the curiosity ate at me!
    so i did...
    and the other laughed his head off...
    -.- it wouldn't stop bleeding though...
    even when i warped it in multiple layers of medical tape...
    Turns out that ignoring it was a bad idea seen as now i have no feeling in the top of my thumb (where the cut was)
  6. crazyforyou123
    well ya see this is one of my dumb/curiosity gone wrong moments:
    there was this cup with white stuff in it and i asked my mom what it was and she said what does it look like and i said (my dumb/curious self) ice cream. she told me to taste it. i tasted it and my mom laughed at me when i threw up. so then after that i was like and she laughed even harder and then i puked again.

    to this day idk what the hell it was i ate...
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