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  1. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    Welcome to Pierrot & Samurai,fellow fans!Would you like to introduce yourself here?Feel free to^^
  2. Nagehiko
    hi Nagihiko(I know I made a weird typo on my username but oh well) here and Im a mega Yaoi Fan. In D.Gray-man I prefer YuuXAllen, LaviXAllen and secretly would like to see some Tyki MikkXAllen (yes I know Allen is the uke in all the pairing I just said,4 some weird reason it happend quite a lot with other anime also).Oh! and nice to meet you
  3. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    Welcome,first member^^Actually I like Allen uke a lot too XD Nice to meet you!
  4. Nagehiko
    yeah and we got a new member too!
  5. marie06
    yo! marie here!!! adores allen-uke and is currently worshiping kanda! LOL!!! haha
  6. Nagehiko
    Hi Marie and welcome to this group!
  7. Kanda Luna
    Kanda Luna
    Welcome,Marie!Yes,Kanda must have more love XD
  8. Lore44
    Hi! I'm Lore and I'm obsessed with Kanda! I think him and Allen are so cute together
  9. Nagehiko
    Hey Lore welcome to the gang!
  10. aome
    Hello!!! ^^ I like allen and Kanda
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