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Snarry Fic Recs

  1. elomelo
    Hey everyone. This is the place to post links to your favourite Snarry fics. Multiple pairings are welcome but the main pairing should be Snape/Harry. Below is an example (and a rec).

    Two Lockets by Sinick and Acid
    Summary: Harry, Snape, and the grim old house that keeps its secrets.
    Review: Sinick and Acid are an amazing duo, and this story blew me away. It's original, heartwrenching (in a good way ) and the characters all seem to come to life on the figurative page. The 'grim old house' is a character in itself. A much read for any Snarry fan.
  2. kumi-kun
    Tea series by telanu:
    Summary: as it's a series it's hard to summarize, but it deals with both Snape and Harry's relationship and the fight against voldermort.
    Review: My all-time-favourite snarry fic, and I read a lot over the years. It's first of all written very well, making it a very entertaining read. Secondly, not only does it have a good dose of humour but it knows how to be dramatic and serious too without making it too much. And of course it's rather sexy, and has a lot of the 'sexual tension' hanging around, for fans of that.

    Cambiare podentes:
    Summary: A prophecy has binded Harry's and Snape's fate together, and to
    be able to defeat voldermort they must perform a very ancient ritual.
    Review:Another very well written series, I found the story very interesting and very creative, there is so much development between Harry and Snape and it is described so carefully and well paced.

    Oh and just to mention an Author: Dementordelta,
    She has written many Snarry shorts, ranging from 30k to 3k in length.
    All that I read so far were really good, and so creative! She definitely thinks
    'outside the box' with her stories, not sticking to what may be 'logical', like
    one of her entries includes Harry as a 'lost boy'(peter pan) and Snape as captain hook!

    And thanks Elomelo for the rec! Once I'm done with my gigantic snarry pile
    I'll check it out XD
  3. elomelo
    Great recs, kumi-kun. I love both stories (the Tea Series is one that never gets old no matter how many times you read it) and C.P. is one of those one-sitting-long-stories that are great for long, rainy days.

    Snape as Captain Hook *newkinkymemeMAYBE* I shall most definitely check that out.

    I'm really into Snape/Regulus/Snape and Snupin nowadays. The Sacrifices Arc really got the first pair in my mind (though quite tragically)! T_____T
  4. Taekeru
    Crumbling Pedestal

    Summary: Harry's date with Voldemort at the conclusion of the Triwizard tournament didn't go quite as planned. Fate steps in with a 'unique' opportunity, offering Harry the chance to live and mature in the past. For a while, anyway. (-from the authors profile)

    Review: It's absolutly brilliant. It includes time travel (my favorate) to the Founder's era as well as transport back. It keeps going from the point where Harry comes back to his own time and deals with voldemort, hogwarts, and everyone else that he encounters. I am only currently on the 29th chapter, but I'm certainly captivated by it. Good writing, and an entrancing plot line, and the author has also built good characterization into it. It also holds a certain maturity about it the whole while (no absurd pranks, etc.)

    WARNING: there is het in this whilst harry is in the past... He was pretty much forced to take a "wife"... That only lasts a few chapters, and goes away when he returns to his time. He then slowly builds up his relationship with severus until it becomes Snarry
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