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kichiku megane doujinshi

  1. erilly
    Got any idea where can we find/read free kichiku megane (MeganexMido) doujinshi outside aarinforum? If possible english language.
  2. FuyukiEnatsu
    probably not. I haven't known anyone who likes kichimega BUT actually having doujinshis from it. I bought a few doujinshi (megamido) but I dun scan it either =u="
  3. kitsunebi
    I was looking for some too...but only found that ones.....
    [ Glory Box ] - Doujinshi Scans
    They are japanese as far as I know....I really don`t like the style but that`s just my opinion...
  4. tehKIRAyuki
    I have a couple... Pm me and i think i can make something happen for you.
  5. Hypnotica
    Frankly speaking, it's impossible. Even though there are lots of KM djs out there, most are japanese or chinese-translated.
    The only english-translated ones I know are the ones in AF and there's only like one or two or them. :/
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