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KichiMega OVA

  1. FuyukiEnatsu
    who here wants OVA for it?

    please... OVA for each pairing, thus having a total of 7 episodes >A>
    DO IT SPRAY DO IT =A= ;; gakuen have eps why can't kichimega have OVA OTL

    I call for megamido =u=
    and then we can have an extra ep with crack kichimega stuff. I dun really want katsukatsu as its common, so the crack should be something else.. like what happen in kichimega R.... megane f*ck everyone (lol noma being included in that pairing is too hilarious)

    honestly I was quite disappointed with the zakuro cd as it contained katsukatsu... but then again.. noma+preggars = win . so I guess its okay xD;
    and the highlight of zakuro cd for me is Rnoma xD;;;;
  2. YamiSonozaki
    if kichiku megane had OVAs, my mates would die, because theyd suffer listening to me constantly talking about it XD
  3. FuyukiEnatsu
    suffering is good! They need to get it in their hearts er... heads of how much they are missing out.. xD Come over to the dark side.. HAHAH XD;;;
  4. erilly
    I WAN MEGANEXMIDO pair in OVA!!!! I gonna love spray if they did OVA!
  5. seey
    mee too i would love to see an ova .
  6. chinaghost
    I love them. The OVA make me happiler. I want MidouxKatsuya they so cute.
  7. FuyukiEnatsu
    hehe yes! lets all hope it will happen ;u;!! <33
  8. Hypnotica
    I'm definitely rooting for it! Megane all the way!~ <3
  9. kitsunebi
    Am I strange?????
    I want something with story and hot scenes but not only sex scenes......
    KichiKatsuya is so smexy....
    What is Rnoma.....??????preggars...????
    Just learning your english fan speach.....don`t get that ones....sorry...
  10. glasswings
    That would be....FREAKING SWEET!! I'd recommend 2 versions. Softer * like hey class president" and then one that shows EVERYTHING, kind-of like sensitive pornagraphy * never liked the story line*
    DO IT SPRAY!!!

    Forget the cookies. The dark side has YAOI! lol
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