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KichiMega OVA

  1. tehKIRAyuki
    I want one with the wedding/honeymoon scenes!
  2. glasswings
    Heck, I'd be just happy with even videos OF the Game play. Going 2 post up this message in BL request forum

    Kichiku Megane- Game Scene Request.

    Anyone else want to see parts of this game, but there aren't any you can find? Well I do!I would love to have those "smexy" scenes. Just don't click through the description parts 2 fast. Used to be some around, but stupid people got ride of them ( make them private, canceled account by user who didn't read "Warning! Yaoi! Boy on Boy", etc.)
    I'm DIEING to seeing these!

    MUST HAVE: Visual and Audio, Name of Pair for video

    Option: English Translation
  3. Tokomi
    I would die of happiness TTwTT But there must be a M!KatsuyaxN!Katsuya scene >w<
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