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Fave KM pairing

  1. Kyosora132
    I have to agree with Sixshotto

    Megane!Katsuya x Midou - Absolute favourite!~
    Megane!Katsuya x Honda - I thought I wouldn't like it but its actually quite nice ^^
    Megane!Katsuya x Katagiri - Never knew Katsuya could be so soft...*sighs*
    Megane!Katsuya x Normal!Katsuya - I must say its kinky

    Taichi and Aki is not on my list: I hate Taichi cause I hate him*ducks down*, I thought I liked Aki but after that I don't really prefer him...
    And I haven't played the Normal!Katsuya route so I'll see if I have the time.
  2. tehKIRAyuki
    Katsuya M!XKatsuya Selfcest FTW!
  3. ZangetsuRin
    I love MeganexAki and MidouxNormal. :3 They're so cute.
    I have the guilty pleasure of adoring UKE!MeganexNormal. (I found a Drama CD with it. OHMAN IT'S THE HOTTEST THING EVER. XD)
  4. fadaravena
    Honda x Matsuura is my OTP, all the hints in the fan-disk made me want to write about these two, even if they're not a canon pairing. I love yandere characters and Matsuura with Honda fits so well.

    I also like Megane!Katsuya x Midou, Midou x Normal!Katsuya and Megane!Katsuya x Katagiri.
  5. Tokomi
    M!KatsuyaxN!Katsuya, 'cause selfcest is the best >w<
  6. LuuCia
    Megane Katsuya x Honda, well i love big loud guy

    Megane!Katsuya x Normal!Katsuya, yes please yess...hahahah...it's incest or masturbating???
  7. MayandKate
    M!Katsuya X Midou
    M!Katsuya X Honda
    Honda X Katsuya
    Midou X Katsuya
    Taichi X Katsuya
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