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Welcome to Dumbledore's Army!

Join the DA where valiant students gather together to protect Hogwarts from evils such as croaking frogs, hissing snakes, and nosy custodians.

If you want to be a part of the greatest rebellion of the century, PM with the following:
1. Name:
2. Character You Want to Be:
3. Reason: (optional)

1. No bashing. Everyone is a hero here.
2. Have crazy fun! xDD
3. Please place a link to this social group in your signature. x]


Lavender Brown-
Katie Bell-
Colin Creevey-
Dennis Creevey-
Seamus Finnigan-
Hermione Granger- becca18
Angelina Johnson-
Lee Jordon-
Neville Longbottom-
Parvati Patil-
Harry Potter- ArtemisOrtygia
Alicia Spinnet
Thomas Dean-
Fred Weasley- lazyxhime
George Weasley-
Ginny Weasley-
Ron Weasley-

Hannah Abbott-
Susan Bones-
Justin Flinch-Fletchley-
Ernie Macmillan-
Zacharias Smith-

Terry Boot-
Cho Chang-
Michael Corner-
Marietta Edgecombe-
Anthony Goldstein-
Luna Lovegood- Melissa
Padma Patil-

Honorary Members:
Regulus Black- Jaspersflaw
Sirius Black- Hyde
Cedric Diggory-
Albus Dumbledore-
Rubeus Hagrid-
Viktor Krum-
Remus Lupin- Winkinator
Draco Malfoy- Asakuramty
James Potter-
Lily Potter-
Severus Snape- daisukexx
Arthur Weasley-
Molly Weasley-
[PM me with requests =D]

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