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Favorite pairing?

  1. CaveTrouble
    Who is your favorite pairing in LotR and WHY?

    Mine is Frodo/Sam. I'm totally obsessed with those too xD

    I love hobbitses, that master/servant-thing and those to are also my favorite characters. And I am very much alike Frodo and if I had a gardener like Sam I'm not sure I would manage to keep my hands away....
  2. ahgreg
    YESH! Finally an LOTR SG! Theband Band has the best manipulations!
    lord of the rings

    Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite pairing is DEFINITELY Boromir x Faramir. Why? Cuz Sean Bean and David Wenham are HAWT!
  3. MegaMaz
    BoromirxAragorn It sucks so bad that Boro dies~!

    and BoromirxFaramir is a close 2nd. And I stay away from any Legolas pairings, so yeah...
  4. Terene
    Yay! A Social Group! I'm a Tolkien fanatic, so this is the place for me.

    Favorite LOTR pairing? Elladan x Elrohir. Because twincest is hot. They were my first introduction to it. Actually, I'm extremely picky when it comes to LOTR pairings, so I don't really like any others in particular, or at least any other slash pairings. In fact, I have to say that I despise Sam x Frodo.

    Now when it comes to The Silmarillion, that's a different story. Maedhros x Fingon all the way! Best. Pairing. Ever. Period. In fact, Mae/Fin fanfics were what got me hooked on yaoi.
  5. ahgreg
    Anybody slashes.... (dare I say it) Gandalf x Saruman???
  6. Terene
    Um, no. Just... no.
  7. CaveTrouble
    Ah, I'm so happy you have joined my group! Thank you <3 And welcome! I'm overexited! xD

    I'm not into so much other pairings than the one I mentioned above... but Boromir/Faramir and Boromir/Aragorn doesn't sound too bad But I'm not very found of any pairing including elves, not that I am some kind of elf-racist or anything but they just don't appeal to me at all ^^;

    Gandalf/Saruman... I don't usually slash old men but wth, two powerful wizards from different sides of the law, at least I can't resist that!
  8. ahgreg
    The classic Aragorn x Legolas was very popular too
    Then they split up after more and more bishies joined and Aragorn seemed to be having sex with everyone else except Legolas
  9. MegaMaz
    Ah, the twins! How could I forget Elladan and Elrohir?!!! Bad, bad fangirl, MegaMaz!!!

    Oh, oh!!! And another pairing that I've liked is Haldir/Boromir. I have no idea where it came from (gotta read the books again, did I miss something?!!), but I like it!

    ...kinda off topic, but not really. Elf crossover pairing: Drizzt from the Forbidden Realms 'verse and Legolas from LotR. If you don't know the books, READ THEM!!!!


    Anyways back to LotR pairings...

    Outside the main one's I've listed above, I've also delved into Boromir/Legolas... If someone can explain just why I've indulged in it, I'd be greatly appreciated.
  10. Quazar
    I really like Eomer and Faramir. There's not a lot of fanfics about these two but I just like them!
    These two hotties are just gorgeous together and in addition, the backdrop for them is ripe with romantic possibilities.
    Eomer is a man of Rohan while Faramir is a man of Gondor. They are both figures of importance in their cities. They both are men of action but Eomer seems more the seme while Faramir is the uke. Really a perfect combination!
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