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Outshine Your ShyNess

  1. UkairiRitsuka
    Sometimes I do or say stupid things to outshine my shyness. The only people I can be comfy or act myself with are those who are very close with me which are only three people in the whole world.

    But when I try too hard, I make enemies or annoy people. Has anyone done something like that before?
  2. kumakun
    well I'm loud but I'm not sure I've made enemies because of it
    I mean I know when in real life to keep my mouth shut..unless something is going on that I really don't like

    what is this thread about? ways for people to try to over come their shyness..or stories?
  3. sio chan
    sio chan
    Hi I know that for myself sometimes you 'fake' confidence to get through having to meet/ talk to new people but I dont know about making enemies ... people dont always have the best first impression of me because I seem to come across as stuck up but after they've gotten to know me or spent more time with me they realise that I'm just quiet sometimes I dont really know haw to behave with people but when I challenge myself and try to get to know someone new it usually goes ok so long as their willing to change their opion of me and most people are and the ones who are stuck on first impressions and arent willing to get to know me arent worth me making the effort for or at least thats what I tell myself! I'm sorry to hear that people treat you like though Ukairi
  4. choc0dream
    Yup! I totally know it! I try to act all happy when I'm actually really insecure. I just shut down all brainfunctions and GO! But yeah, I do make enemies with that. Like people getting annoyed by what I do, or thinking it's weird. But then again, I had little friends anyway, and actually nothing to loose xD
    but, there's nothing to do about it actually <.< Unfortunately, but it doesnt matter. I'm perfectly happy the way I am, and I ignore those people xD (like they ignore me xP) Just look at the bright side of life~! *-hugs-*
  5. Miharachan
    yeah, when i get really shy i just start doing random things that wierd people out. Yeah i know how you feel
  6. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    A little late on this conversation but ...

    I know how you feel A way to combat this is to try and gain confidence in other ways. The way I do this is to dress REALLY well. I plan my outfits carefully, mess with my hair, buy shoes that make me feel tall and hot Then when I enter the room or party or whatever, I feel really fantastic, and thus act more confidently.

    Of course I still tend to say and do dopey things Plus it doesn't help that I'm a complete klutz
  7. shanna261
    When I was in school and needed help with something I was always to shy to ask so I went without the help and got all the questions wrong. I am just so scared to talk to people.It been almost ten years sense I finished school and I still am just as scared.

    But guess what 2 days ago I went to the movies alone to go see Harry Potter. I don't usually go alone but the friend that was supposed to come was busy so I went by myself. the movie theater was packed I swear there were 2 hundred people waiting in line. I'm not so good with crowds and I thought I was going to faint. Instead I did the most unpredictable thing ever

    I turned around and complained to the girl behind me that we are gonna be here forever. Well that started the ball rolling and we sat there and talked for a hour. and sat together in the movie by the end of it I gave her my hotmail. I was so wrapped up in everything I forgot about my panic attack.
  8. amethiz925
    That is soo greta of you shanna.. I still go alone for movies or shopping.. I guess I'm still that shy...
  9. Everdark
    I am an extremely shy person. I can't even look in the eyes of others for very long because I get really nerves. On top of that the amount of friends I have is near zero. I need to try and beat away this shyness or I am afraid that I might end up a hikhikamori. Also I will be going to a school were you have to live on campus and there are going to be a lot of people there. How can I beet my shyness?
  10. Starshay
    Oh! I think I can help you.....maybe. well it's just you reminded me of when I had only one friend in the whole world but she really helped me by letting me know it was okay to be myself no matter what. Anyways I still babble when I get nervous even on the computer so bare with me until I get to the point, well a months after having my best friend I came out of my shell a bit and really started to show other people who I was with my style and well it got me friends.... well actually I was wearing a naruto shirt and a girl saw it and said how much she liked naruto to and that started a coversation and we became friends which made it easier to meet more friends. I guess what Im trying to say is make it clear to the people around you, what you like, wheather with your style or the type of folder you use to carry paper, people who like the same things will notice and will try to strike up a conversation! All you have to do is find your comfort zone in talking....ya know something you like so much that talking about it comes easy, if you find other people who like the samething.....well that's just how making friends can start out.....whooo! sorry I babble! But I hope what I said makes some sense
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