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The shy/thinkers club:)

  1. kumakun
    I just wanted a place for those of us who like threads like my old ones..we don't have to worry about what people think about us here because we all want to share who we are and what we think/feel..and for the shy people who lurk..don't worry and join cause I'd be happy to have you!
  2. YorumiAkihime
    Something for shy people? o_O Then I definitely have to join Hello, kumakun
  3. kumakun
    hello! happy your here! being shy on here isn't fun so I thought I would do this
  4. shattered
    im actually quite shy in person, but on the forum, its easier to hide it behind CAPS and 's

    but im definitely a shy thinker
  5. kumakun
    are you? I have to say I'm surprised cause you didn't seem shy to me at all..but like you said it is easier on here
    I'm not so much a shy thinker..its more like a scared thinker now
  6. YorumiAkihime
    Why scared thinker? o_O
  7. Schiz
    Since everyone else said what they are i guess "go with the flow".
    Im not much of a thinker but i do appreciate a good subject to think about and discuss in a polite and friendly way^^
    well im shy as hell irl but on the net i manage quite well
  8. shattered
    hmm, maybe 'shy thinker' isnt right, more 'shy and thinks' ok, im not so sure the format of this but i'll just splash some grey matter here:

    meaningful - i dont know if anyon else does this, but everytime theres a bit of time when nothing's happening or im not doing anything, like sitting in a waiting room or in a lecture room before the lesson starts, i always stop and think and realise that, all the seconds im spending not doing anything and not being productive is lost forever ... because time only moves forward and each person has a finite number of seconds in their life, so it should be used wisely... but its not like i can avoid waiting. that thought keeps coming back though ...

    shallow - mozzie bites are evil! mosquitos only attack me my parents arent affected but theres already 4 bites on both my legs T____T
  9. kumakun
    shattered so happy your here as I am with the rest of you
    scared thinker cause most of my threads involve thinking and I got some bad rep for it..making me scared to post them
    schiz ya your not so shy on msn but neither am I
  10. Schiz
    Yea Kuma, its on the net and ive talked to you for a while now so i dont feel shy about saying what i think anymore
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