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GENERAL GROUP RULES~~~~(after much discussion...)
++Only join if you are serious about contributing for a card.
++ONLY OPEN A THREAD IF YOU ARE GOING TO CONTRIBUTE AT LEAST 1.000.000 PTS TO THAT CARD'S CREATION. People who can contribute less can have their say once the thread is opened.
++If a thread is already created for a character you want, please contribute to THAT thread
++Open threads based on characters, if you can. Levels will be decided upon based on how much people are willing to contribute for that particular card. (Thread may be opened for series if you are submitting several characters for it at the same time)
++Any other questions/concerns must be posted in the general discussion thread.
++If you're going to post a thread, please use this title format! Character (Series) or just Series (Various) if you're trying for multiple cards at once. Examples: Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara) or Sengoku Basara (Various)

General Discussion
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