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The new Kuro Maid Guy Anime...OMG!..WTF?

  1. crecre
    Have you guys seen that new anime? I like shouta some time, but really this was wayyyyyyyyy too much for me! What do yall think?
  2. NekoNekoUke
    Do you think you could provide a link to the first episode?
  3. RainingSnow
    The anime is not out yet, but there are the web-comics. I believe there was a thread about this somewhere around the forums.
  4. NekoNekoUke
    I'll have to find it, then.
  5. KuroTsuki14
    Not fan of shotacon....
    I haven't seen it. Also I don't think it have to do with young love between 2 boys are the same ages. What I remember I saw the trailer it's have to do with shotacon that's involve with a adult. :\

    If you want shotacon with 2 middle school's boys you can watch Suteki na Shota Days 2 - Saigo no Sangatsu. In my ways its really not shotacon, they look like 15 years old to me.
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