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*The gaang club*Avatar:The last air bender

  1. kumakun
    I hope I don't get into trouble with this but since I'm not posting in threads right now I thought it would be cool
    Avatar is awesome..I find it crazy that some people don't like it..its well put together,has plot,and has really really awesome fight scenes..theres an avatar thread and now theres a club for those who love it
  2. Cat-chan
    I admit it. I love it.
    Well, the new episodes not this much, but still...
  3. kunitsu

    It's too bad I dont know when they show Avatar here so I dont really know what happening with Aang now
  4. kumakun
    AH! how can you not love the new ones! they are the best so far I think..unless your talking about the ones b4 zuko
  5. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    AVATAR CLUB!!!! kumakun, for shame, not telling me :P hehe XD
  6. kumakun
    lol I left a message in your messages!
  7. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    I just noticed! I'm a bad person! forgive me? :P
  8. kumakun
    its all good! happy to have you!...what part are you up to again?
  9. kumakun
    kunitsu-have you tried watching them on veoh or you tube? thats why my friend watches them. sokka on cactus juice is just..
  10. Cat-chan
    Ohhh Artemis - good to see you here too! XD

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