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  1. dragonkat216
    @gloh: Well since the original show was a kids show I'm going to guess that Shyamalan will not make it too violent so he can attract as many people who originally watched the show...but I don't think it'll be childish, just take a look at this:

    On Monday (June 22) Entertainment Tonight Premiered the Teaser Trailer for the movie, you can watch it here (LINK) among other places. The trailer is also set to premier in front of Transformers and I don't know whether or not the trailer will be different (ie longer) I'll find out when I see the movie on Friday. For now enjoy this little teaser. I still believe this movie will be good. Maybe not spectacular like the show, but still great.

    And in regards to the casting. I'm not sure why people are putting their own ethnic beliefs on this film. The world of Avatar does not exist in our own. While it may have chinese influences their races are based on what country they come from (earth, water, air or fire). All I want is for the characters/actors to stay true to the nation they're coming from, not to be Asian, because I don't think that's the way this world is built. That's just my spiel. I'm done now, I'm just so tired of seeing the argument (not here, on other sites discussing the movie).

  2. gloh
    Sorry i didn't answer before dragoncat, left home for about three weeks of vacationtime with two chibis. Turned out to not be so relaxing as you may guess and on top of beeing tormented by those two I also had little or no internett.. good to be home

    Ofcourse I know the show was directed at kids and thus kids will be a part of the targeted group this time too, I just hope they won't make it, I don't know, simple and cheap.. do I sound negative? I know I do.
    I like the teaser but I also hope they'll be able to give his airbending more "edge", but at the same time I do know that would be difficult..

    I do agree with you on the "ethnic theme", of course I would love to se a Katara and Toph similar to those portrayed in the series but I also know that's not possible, they have to find actors able to portray the persons.
    But I have to admit, my secret dream would be to have the voice-actors from the series as actors in the movies.. that would have been great!
  3. megori
    After seeing the images of Aang, I'm not so pent up about him playing Aang anymore. However, his arrow does bother me a bit. It looks so cheaply done. ;__; It looks like a tattoo gone horribly wrong to me (and an attempt to make Aang look like some badass).
    Also, although Avatar: The Last Airbender was originally geared for a younger audience, it was able to captivate audiences of all ages from children to the elderly. So, I think the films should keep that in mind and not hold back too much on what could really make the film even better.

    And along with what gloh said...it really would have been nice for the VAs to be in it. I love the voice of Zuko and Toph (not that Toph will be in this one, but still). *sigh* I'll just continue hoping for the best I suppose.
  4. gloh
    the best thing about the voice actors is that I'm almost sure I can see the characters in them despite them not looking like them at all.. does it makes sence? like the voice actor for Azula, I can really see her act out a great Azula..

    And i agree, the series was liked by such a big variety of people, they should keep this in mind. I mean, how many series can make twenty year olds watch Nickelodeon every week and even make them get ut early on sundays?
    I'm really looking forward to this movie, I desperately hope I won't leave the cinema devastated..
  5. chillipepper
    Hey there! Haven't been here for ages... got a lot to do, I'm organizing a few anime festivals in CR, but I occasionally have a peek here. As for the "news" - I finished watching Avatar quite a while ago. It was awesome but for some reason, the final match seemed pretty average to me. Right now, I'm looking forward to this: The Last Airbender (2010) even though the cast doesn't seem that hot to me.

    Well, hopefully I'll come here more often. Too bad there's no email notification for the social groups.
  6. megori
    Super late reply but, I agree about the final battle. I think Nickelodeon was afraid of what the younger audiences would've thought about the series if Aang had killed Ozai, so they just left it at that. Then again, it's not really in Aang's character/personality to kill to begin with (he is a vegetarian too) so I guess it kind of fit decently with at least his personality. Ozai was rather disappointing though. You'd think some crazy badass guy who basically controlled the world with fear would be able to put up a cooler fight.

    I've looked at a few of the movie's still images and saw the trailer to it. Although I'm kind of iffy about the whole thing, I still really want to watch it. Haha. I can't wait until Toph comes into the films too.
  7. dragonkat216
    Wow, the thread sure has died down...probably because of the movie and the show being over -__- But come on folks. Let's keep the love going.

    I've also heard rumor that there is going to be a 12 episode mini series spinoff of Avatar on Nickelodeon next year. Set long after our fave characters are gone though, but I'm intrigued. It follows the story of the next Avatar after Aang. It's at least something. I'll see if I can't find some links for the info, cause I swear I'm not pulling this out of my ass.

    In other news I'm saving up to try and get a Zuko card in the Ishop before Aarin closes down the requests thread. If anyone wants to help, either with points, picture suggestions, etc that would be great. Airbender has got to be represented in the Ishop. If Harry Potter can make it then damnit so can Zuko and the Gaang.
  8. kumakun
    Yeah we heard that rumor along time ago didn't we? I'm pretty sure you're right about the new episodes with the new avatar.
    well I'll give some points if the pic used is one of zuko with the shaggy hair cause I like the look better..I also wouldn't mind a toph card and sokka...anyways let me know~
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