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fanfic recommendations

  1. Qwertzu
    yeah, yeah, we all love muraki...
    but, I was just wondering... do you have any fanfic recommendations? (MurakixWhoever)

    I canĀ“t get enough of MurakixTsuzuki...
    for all ya MurxTsu lovers, this one is worth reading:
    Red Moon, a Yami no Matsuei fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    (contains vampires )
  2. kisusu
    It's not really fanfic, but i made an amv about MurakixTsuzuki cause i am so in love with the pairing myself, and there is so much potential there =p
    link to the AMV is over here ^^
  3. Qwertzu
    I found one loooooong but really worth reading!

    Dark Adaptation
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