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Why do you like Lucky?

  1. LuckyLove
    Simple curiosity.
    Since you knew Lucky? Why do you like it?

    I knew Lucky reading a fic of a friend. I liked much and immediately after it, I was interested for this pair until now already I cannot live without it.
    I like Lucky simply because it's very interesting to see the Noah of pleasure together with a rabbit Bookman/exorcist x3

    See ya!
  2. Bookkbaby
    I like Lucky because of a fanfic I read called The Fine Line by N.H. Arawn. It started off as Yullen (which I liked as soon as I saw DGM) and Lucky turned up later on and I just fell in love with the pairing. ^_^ Tyki's also my favorite character, so I just HAD to pair him up with someone!
  3. Sayukax
    Hmm i sort of just read some fanfics and fell in love with the pair. Every fics that had been posted i think i at least read it once..
    That's how much i love this pairing!
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