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Toward the Terra

  1. Vinya
    started to discover this awesome anime. 1,5 minute of first episode, opening, and we got scene when you just have to scream "KISS" Blue/Jomy rulez!
  2. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo

    I was on the edge of my seat thinking "KISS DAMNIT!!"
  3. Vinya
    and few minuts later we get Blue hugging naked Jomy. I fainted. and this scene in space, this snogging XD.
  4. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Haha, I was so overwhelmed with the touching and everything ^^

    I also love Keith and Matsuka. *.* Maaan everything about their relationship makes my heart skip a beat! Keith's such a vicious seme!
  5. Dai-kun
    This is a pretty good anime, I kept up to date with it. Very sad though... The characters seem very lonely and shows a side of life similar to mines at time . good anime though!
  6. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Hehe, indeed!

    At first glance, I would've overlooked this series, but as I continue to watch it, I find that the storyline and everything really draws me in. I got very attached to the characters, and seeing them grow and mature into the people they are to the very last episode.

    Seriously one of the best series I've seen, the only problem for me is convincing other people to watch it ><;;
  7. Vinya
    now lets talk about something positive and funny for a sec.
    reading all dj I found (all from here ) and found this scan image pure overkill

    wondering. can Terra e... be consider as shounen-ai ? what do you think? I mean we have few obvious pairing Tony definitely loves Jomy , adore him and is jealous. and Keith x Matsuka relationship. Matsuka loves Anyan, it's so obvious .

    BTW I love new smilies!
  8. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Oooooo I want to see more of that doujinshi ^.^

    I consider Toward the Terra more like Shonen, actually, it was originally serialized in a Shonen Manga anthology. The original manga is done by an artist who did Kaze to Ki no Uta, which is sorta borderline shonen-ai, so maybe that's why the Anime seemed like.... slashable? XD
  9. monia
    Oh, Takemiya is one of my fav ; I cannot consider myself a collector but i have some of the originals, soon I'll buy Terra E as well, I know that there's an english version for the manga, wonder if the translastion is ok.
    I'm glad that an old school mangaka like Takemiya gains the interest of publishers and anime producers once more, after 30 years from her masterpieces..... old girs like me can only be happy!!!
  10. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Thanks for joining everyone

    @monia: Ah, I've wanted to check out the manga, I've read on Wikipedia there were some differences between the manga and Anime, like... ack, can't do a spoiler code, well, basically Tony's dad was different. XD
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