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Toward the Terra

  1. Jabba
    A bit early for the rest of you but...
    Merry Christmas~!!!!!
  2. MoronicTruth
    A little late but, HAPPY NEW YEARS~
  3. SpiritOfTheWinds
    @blu chocobo: "Thanks for joining everyone

    @monia: Ah, I've wanted to check out the manga, I've read on Wikipedia there were some differences between the manga and Anime, like... ack, can't do a spoiler code, well, basically Tony's dad was different. XD"

    It's been a while since I last checked the social groups I'm in... O.o

    There's a manga for this awesome anime? Wow. I should check it out!
  4. SpiritOfTheWinds
    @Jabba: "OMG!!!
    Have anyone seen the DVD special????

    The Epilogue???"

    I have, well, 3 on 5 since the 2 others doesn't seem to be subbed... or I checked too fast. Sweet.

    P.S. Wanted to edit last comment, but is seems I created another one instead. Sorry.
  5. kurorinslvr
    the manga is great and it is different from the anime. I think i am the only one who likes keith/shiroe pairing.
  6. kurorinslvr
    i have to rephrase that "is different from the anime", it has their similarity and differences between the manga and the anime
  7. Hangebokhan
    Also, there was a movie made in the 60/70s. I have seen it and it more closely follows the manga, father change and a better reason for the growth spurt are the most major changes.

    Also, Jomy (did they mean Johnny? Odd name) annoys me so much in the anime, not so much in the movie, have yet to read the manga.
  8. eveil
    Manga is only 3 books, somewhat big-ish, and completely worth it. Such a beautiful story. I like Keith/Shiroe too!
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