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Favorite Character?

  1. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    For a general topic, what are everyone's favorite characters? :P

    Personally, it's Soldier Blue for me ^^
  2. Jabba
    Keith is my fav...
    Because of the all the character growth you can see in him...
    Of course, Blue does come in as a close 2nd...
  3. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Oh yes, Keith's a very good character , it's rather cool seeing his growth and development!
  4. Jabba
    Ho crap!
    I forgot to mention Jomy!!!
    Okay, he's really my fav.
    Cos he has a wider character development than even Keith...
    Last but not least... Who can resist this delicious uke???
  5. MoronicTruth

    It has to be Blue
  6. kurorinslvr
    Keith is my favorite, then comes Shiroe, Jomy and Blue
  7. Kayaz
    I love Blue. I definitely wish there was more of Blue. *-*
  8. eveil
    Keith and Leo
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