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Whats your favorite thing about this couple?

  1. RabidYaoiOtaku
    Me? I love how devoted Hayato is to Tsuna! I mean I first saw the anime and then read the manga and im like...he's almost too devoted to be just friends you know? lol So he must have a crush! And with Tsuna-chan looking so ukeilious who's to blame him!
  2. GokuderaLia
    ~RabidYaoiOtaku-san, I know how you feel!

    What made me drawn to KHR and to this pairing is Gokudera's undying devotion and obsession towards his Jyuudaime! XD
    (One of the best 5927 chapters is Gokudera's "Promotion" chapter XD)
    And yeah, Tsuna is too ukelicious to resist.
  3. xryuchan6927
  4. GokuderaLia
    ~I've seen this before in LJ.

    Could it be.. you're Tsunayoshi in LJ?!
  5. Himmelmez
    Well this pairing is the only one which is openly shown in the anime (haven't finished reading the manga), remember Gokudera was blushing in that flashback scene when he's fighting Gamma in the future arc Plus they're cute together...
  6. Loveless3173
    haha... idk... i just really like this pair... a long with others... but since Gokudera is always so worried and fussy >and worried< about tsuna... xD haha. it sparked my Yaoi Fan Girl instincts before anything else. haha. <3 they are just so cute together~ kyaa!
  7. lynixe
    how could I miss joining this group for such a long time?
    anyway, every single scene in KHR is Gokudera and Tsuna
    from holding hands, to adoration

    Gokudera is sooooooo protective of his beloved Tsuna
    of course they are meant for each other
  8. tenshi_no_akuma
    gokuxtsuna are a cute pairing!!!

    they should make lotsa mafia babies
  9. tightgrip
    Mafia babies..?
    Some dj of 5927 by Cotton Candy were more melancholic, I really liked the sad but sweet atmosphere in it...
    When you see Gokudera looking at Tsuna wit such sadness in his eyes, it's just too much..! Ohhhh, I can feel angst... Gimme more!!
  10. lynixe
    this week episode,182 marks the day 5927 is official of course,we cannot miss this wonderful episode, can't we?
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