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Hello and Welcome!

  1. Wayu1
    Hi everyone!! I'm a fan of Rockman series and was a bit sad that there wasn't any Rockman Groups so I made my own! I hope that there are other fans as well. Enjoy.
  2. Zasaki
    Yay! Someone made a Rockman group! *joins* ^___^

    Added some pics too! Hope you like :3
  3. Wayu1
    Sanks for joining!... Blues! ^w^ Sanks for the lovely pics.
  4. landxhp
    *blows the dust away*

    Hey there!
    Is anyone else excited for the new Rockman games announced?

    I play Rockman since a long time ago and it is my all-time favourite game series - I'm very glad to meet you fans over here!
  5. fmkitty698
    Hi! It's nice to see that in this site there are rockman fans.
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