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why do you like yuuchan?

  1. kazune
    i believe everyone has a reason for something they like. well, it is possible you like it because you just like it.

    i like yuuchan as a uke because his moaning is just hot!!!
    in addition, the uke he did are all just strong, independent and simply beautiful. i guess it is because yuuchan's voice has this 'i am a queen' element to his voice so the jobs he takes reflect it as well.

    other than cool, beauty from Mount Himalaya, he has a few very cute uke and he can change his voice to such a cute sweet voice!!! XD
  2. moon_child
    I AM QUEEN ELEMENT that's totally spot-on. i love you already. XD

    and well yeah, he's my goddess. <3
  3. djou4444
    Did you hear that voice.... o_O....

    I'm sorry I can think straight when I hear him... so giving a reason would be tough..

    Naw.. just he's got an amazing voice and he's a great actor I think... + he is soooo pretty..

    I think those are good reasons...
  4. moon_child
    he is so pretty indeed <3

    and yes those are good reasons XD

    i need more yucchi TuT
    haven't been listening much lately because it's been very busy NOOOOO
  5. Cteel
    hey has anyone else here heard his singing? hes danm good at it! (he did character songs for Bleach and Kuroshitsuji)
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