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Photoshop 101 Monthly Contest | July 2017

  1. Araka
    ❀ No spamming, but a few comments here and there won't hurt. Just don't bury the entries with comments.
    ❀ Please be nice to others and don't bash.
    ❀ Use what you made please. Don't steal anybody's designs.
    ❀ Only enter signatures and nothing else, please.
    ❀ You must make a signature that matches this month's theme. Anything else is definitely a no.
    ❀ Signatures can be any size as long as they are within Aarin rules.
    ❀ You may make as many signatures as you want but they must follow the rules above.
    ❀ Winners must start the new contest's thread on the first of the following month.
    ❀ If you win, please copy & paste these rules and add yourself to the winners/theme list.

    What do you win?
    1. You get to be next month's judge
    2. You get to choose next month's theme
    3. Bragging rights
    4. 500,000 points!

    Judge for this month:

    Theme for this month:
    Leaf / Leaves (any kind, other plants are also OK, but try to focus on leafy things)
  2. Sreaky

    made this for Nuara's birthday a little while ago
  3. peilicanhelican
  4. Araka
    Hmmm... tough call.
    I wonder if the theme wasn't good or if people just didn't have time this month. Thank you two for entering though!

    After thinking about this for a while I decided that the winner is peilicanhelican, because I really love the feel of the set. There are even some leaves in the background, which gives it a really nice touch.
    Congratz and sorry for the delay, I was busy yesterday and didn't make it in time ^^;
  5. peilicanhelican
    Oh wow! Thank you! And also good job Sreaky, because I really looked yours as well!
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