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Feedback (AKA: criticism)

  1. paplou

  2. cabbit_girl
    ooooh i like it! though it does feel slightly unfinished. also you have a lot of bright, so I would sharpen the eyes a little to bring them more into focus, since there is no real focal point yet. you should totally give it to me >_> and slightly working on your text placement, right now the obsession under the BINDING intersects it in a strange way. this would be very cool as a transparent sig, but it would have to be very clean in the rendering
  3. Halite75
    So cabbit's main advice is that you give it to her, pap.

    I agree with sharpening the eyes so there is more focus there. I would try changing Obsession to all caps. It would look cool as a transparent sig, but right now there is just too much white.
  4. paplou
    Sharpened the eyes but the quote placement =_= my brain failz to work

    you don't like my quote, you add it yourself cab /ish lazy
  5. paplou
    something that I made to get out of set making slump =_=
    any improvements that I should make?
  6. cabbit_girl
    D: Lunatic <3

    anyway again there is no clear focal point here

    there is a lot of white so either sharpen his face or darken the bg around him a bit like with a grey or something so he pops out more
  7. Otome
    When I look at the sig, my eye refuses to go either left or right. If I go either way, it'll just brings me right back to the center. And if I force it to focus on either side, it put stress on my eyes. There's nothing to see on the left, and the right have negative space with a hard to read text. Which direction are you trying to go, in term of flow? The hair suggested to the right, but the eyes of the character suggested the left. There's a conflict here. It doesn't flow very well when there are two directions pointing opposite. I suggest picking a direction (flowing from left to right or right to left) and then work from there.
  8. paplou
    Thanks for the feedbacks ya guys X3
    ... I tried to make it flow from left to right but I don't know if this one qualifies as an ok or fail attempt > eyes have gone rolling mad >_<

  9. Halite75
    Looks better to me, pap-chan.
  10. khoakhung
    idk where else to post this but i think i just made a break-through
    i call it the "golden boy".

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