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  1. Flei
    If you have some .psds of your graphics (avatars, sigs, wallpapers, etc) and would like to share them so that others may know how you achieved your results, post 'em here! <3 Any other layer-saved files such as .psps and .xcf are also accepted!

    Please make sure to follow the rules:

    1. State which version of the program was used for the file.
    2. Include a download link (the more variation of hosts, the better!).
    3. A before-and-after or final result preview image is encouraged.

    A .psd is the saved Photoshop file that contains all its layers and can be opened for future alterations.
    A .psp is the saved Paint Shop Pro file that contains all its layers and can be opened for future alterations.
    A .xcf is the saved GIMP file that contains all its layers and can be opened for future alterations.
  2. simplyme
    ...or xcfs. GIMP uses xcf files.
  3. Flei
    Whoops! Right you are~ x3 First post amended!
  4. fataltea
    Alright, here's a PSD. ^^ It's nothing special, but, for anyone who might be new to Layer Styles, this might give you an idea of some of their uses.

    What I hope most to show here is how I usually go about making a plain border in Photoshop.

    Inspecting the top layer should give you all the information you need - simply fill a plain layer with a solid colour of your choice, double click it in the layer palette, go to Stroke, choose 1 pixel, "Inside", and the colour you want. Then, go to "Blending Options: Custom", and reduce the "fill" to 0%. And presto. Thin border. ^_^

    Here's the PSD.

    (Obviously, please don't use any part of this banner to make your own, etc etc)
  5. Melissa
    Oh so that's how you do it? Seriously? Wow I feel so stupid. xD; how I do it is just zooming it in, and then looking closely at the little boxes aka pixels, use the rectangular marquee, inverse it, then it fill with paint bucket. lol Now I feel really stupid for not knowing that. xD; But thanks for the PSD. ;D
  6. fataltea
    Haha, no need to feel stupid, I used to do it using the rectangle shape.. x_x; It was always such a pain. But I learned this a while ago and it's soooo much easier, and it turns out a perfect 1 pixel with no aliasing. And you're welcome, I'm glad you found it useful. ^_^
  7. khoakhung
    oh really i uses the shapes maker
    i usually gets it correct thou, yay me
  8. vizard light
    vizard light
    you guys are talking about making borders I suppose..
    I just use line tool
    I use photoshop element3
    but every version of photoshop has line tool I believe
  9. khoakhung
    yeah even CS3, i use she rectangle shape more cuz its more accurate than a line.....
  10. Halite75
    Who knew there were so many ways to make a simple border?!

    I just make a blank layer and either use control A or the magic wand tool to select the perimeter of my canvas. Then I go to Edit-->Stroke.
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