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  1. Halite75
    Do you use Adjustment layers? You can use Color Balance and/or Selective color on just a single layer or on top of all your layers when you are done to tweak the colors to your liking. Playing with Curves can be interesting too.
  2. divinegrace92
    @halite75... yeah... I use adjustment layers esp. Color Balance...sometimes Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast etc...
    i nowadays even have to Black/White everything then set to *i forgot what exactly* blend just to tone the colors down..

    though I still have to use the curve thing... guess I'll try that... thanks <3
  3. PrinceTheRipper
    Try to use simple colour palettes. If you have a nice pic then it probably has already some kind of colour scheme because good artists always use a colour scheme for their pics. You can use this for your sig. Look at the colours and either use the artists colour scheme or make your own palette. If you start to construct your sig now you should try to follow this palette. If you want to use a certain element which has a fitting shape and pattern but the wrong colour then you can change the colour of it by simply using hue and saturation. But do not change every layer. Just adjust the one you want to change.
    If you follow your palette then you won't have to adjust the colours at the end because they will fit.
  4. divinegrace92
    LOOOL so i reread my post .. and i wrote LOVE resolution instead of LOW resolution..dahell..DDD:

    @PTR... thanks for the tip..i'll try that as well.. i initially thought that having one color scheme was enough...
    and yes exactly! how'd you know i tend to adjust at the end.. XDDDD OTL
    thanks again <3
  5. Halite75
    I adjust as I go, but sometimes I play with settings at the end to see if I can get a better result. Just adjusting the brightness/contrast at the end can help a lot.
  6. JadedTyrs
    Hey guys, I'm not exactly sure if this goes here >>
    I was wonder what you saved your sets as? I was having a conversation with a friend about save files and noticed she used PNG for sets. I know PNG is preferred by most scanlation groups for their scans cause it makes the black/whites look crisper, but they usually use JPG for their colored pages.. So question:
    Do you use PNG or JPG for your sets?
  7. cabbit_girl
    JPG is a lossy compression technique that is designed to compress color and grayscale continuous-tone images. The information that is discarded in the compression is information that the human eye cannot detect. JPG images support 16 million colors and are best suited for photographs and complex graphics. The user typically has to compromise on either the quality of the image or the size of the file. JPG does not work well on line drawings, lettering or simple graphics because there is not a lot of the image that can be thrown out in the lossy process, so the image loses clarity and sharpness.

    PNG was developed as a patent-free answer to the GIF format but is also an improvement on the GIF technique. An image in a lossless PNG file can be 5%-25% more compressed than a GIF file of the same image. PNG builds on the idea of transparency in GIF images and allows the control of the degree of transparency, known as opacity. Saving, restoring and re-saving a PNG image will not degrade its quality. PNG does not support animation like GIF does.

    also, PNG files tend to be larger then JPG files, and JPG files will suffer from JPEG artifact over time
  8. Halite75
    I save my signatures as PNG 24 and my avatars as PNG 8 (256 color).
  9. YukiKuran
    can anyone teach me how to remove text off images? I use Photoshop Elements 10

    and possibly help on how to make transparent signatures?

    I would be so grateful!
  10. paplou
    For transparent signature, you can take a look at Miyosha's tutorial here (Transparency for Beginners).

    I hope that helps
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