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  1. Melissa
    If you just need some help on a specific problem or you're stuck on a graphic and can't figure out how to make it better, go ahead and post them here! We'll be more than happy to help. Just make sure you follow these rules:

    1. Don't go off topic here, another fancy word for that is spamming. If you're going to help, then give some help, don't start talking about what you did with your boyfriend yesterday, stick with the plan! >:
    2. Give constructive criticism, don't say stuff like "I like it, okay moving on..." no, not cool. This is supposed to help others to get better at graphics. An the only way to do that is to give detailed criticism. And example would be
    "I like the way you mixed the colors together with the background. I think it would be better if you added a hue/saturation layer followed up by a brightness/contrast layer to add a little pop to the graphic."
    However, be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings. The last thing anyone would want here is someone to get hurt.
    3. Only post here if you have any questions, help, or giving help. Anything else, I'll ask you to leave
  2. ahgreg
    Anyone has any idea on how to make animated sigs look less dithered. I'm currently using a gif animator to manually animate my frames, which honestly is better and smaller file size than the ones generated by PS. However it also comes out more dithered
  3. fataltea
    I've never really figured out dithering, since imageready or animation shop have always taken the guesswork out of it for me. >_> I've actually found that jasc animation shop has a much more gentle hand when it comes to dithering - image ready seems to jump from "original" to "crap" in two steps most of the time. (but my animations aren't nearly as many frames as I'm sure most of yours are lol)
  4. Melissa
    I guess the smaller the animation is, the less dithered it is? I would suggest using the highest gif provided, for mine it's GIF 24.
  5. BlackCoffee
    Hi guys. I'm new here..and to the whole Photoshop thing also. I'm having a bit of a problem with the brushes. I download some brushes from Deviant Art and put them into my Preset/Brush folder of the Photoshop program. However,I can't load them into photoshop,when ever I try to load them they don't appear in the preset manager.But if I opened the folder manually through My Computer then I can see them. Also when ever I start the program it tells me that "Adobe updater could not be started.Please reinstall the application and components." I got the program from a friend and if I ignored the message I would be able to use the full program. Could that be the problem?! If anyone knows how to fix this..I'll be ever so greatful =D
  6. khoakhung
    why don't you just drag the brushes into the pack.
  7. vizard light
    vizard light
    Start menu> run> paste this >> C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts

    and move the brushes you want into the folder that opens up
  8. khoakhung
    .....i drag the brushes forcefully into my brush pack is that bad?
  9. BlackCoffee
    Oh...so that's you get them in there.Yay. Thankies
  10. vizard light
    vizard light
    sorry Blackcoffee....that was for fonts
    not for brushes...I,m really really sorry
    for brushes you just make a folder and put them all in there and then photoshop open brushes > load brushes and look for the said folder
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