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  1. ShadowYinYang
    I'm have trouble regarding motivation in general but I really shouldn't be making cosplays a month or so before a con. I should be making them year-round. I have to many ideas with so many cosplays to do but I always feel I never have the time when I'm pretty sure I got time.

    Tell me fellow cosplayers if you're active: how do you make yourself work?
  2. MzFoRi3
    I want to cosplay myself, but I've yet to find any anime friends! All my friends are not into anime I'm sure, and it's irritating I have no one to share with. So I'm waiting for a day when I find some friends to go cosplaying to cons with, as I don't think I would go by myself. Y.Y frustrating..
  3. melicat
    Not that I don't procrastinate but I find if I register early it makes the event seem "real" to me? I certainly don't want to get caught at the last minute with no cosplay done but if I reg at con I seem to ignore that I'm even going for months and then freak out like 3 weeks before.

    Talking with other people working on cosplay is also helpful, feel free to message me if you need some encouragement or feel frustrated, haha.
  4. ShadowYinYang
    @MzFoRi3: If you're old enough, I think you should go by yourself. You can make new friends, or at least, "con friends." I think it's a pretty good experience.

    @melicat: I probably WILL message you now XD At some point. Probably after I finish this present costume and no work on the next one lol
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