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  1. Garnett
    Roxas/Axel (KH2)
    Riku/Sora (KH)
    Xemnas/Saix (KH2)
    Seph/Cloud (FFVII)
    Angeal/Zack (FFVII:CC)
    Reeve/Vincent (FFVII)
    Kuja, Blank/Zidane (FFIX)
    Kadaj/Yazoo (FFVII:AC)
    Firion/Warrior of Light (Dissidia)
    Golbez/Cecil (Dissidia)
    Cliff/Fayt (Star Ocean 3)
    Almost everybody in the game/Minato (Persona 3, and LOL srsly it'll be easier to make a list of who I don't pair this guy with )
    Kanji, Keisuke, and Human!Teddie/Souji (Persona 4)
    Charon, Butch, and...Jerincho/LW (Fallout 3)
    Boone, Arcade, Raul, and...Victor/Courier (Fallout:NV)
    Blake/Jayden (Heavy Rain)
    Atlas, Fontaine, and Cohen/Jack (Bioshock)

    And NO, the commas don't mean 3somes I put them there cause I didn't wanna repeat names
    (like this:
    LOL it would take forever!)
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