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  1. frankvaq
    i got a ps3 and want 2 know what r some goof games 2 get. I love rpg but dont have 2 b lol
  2. baahhhFATALITY
    What do you mean by, "Goof games?"
    I envy you............I have a wii, and well....it's ok...but I only really have igt so I can buy old school games on it, play mario kart wii, smash bors brawl, and new punch out. If it werent for those things, id most likely sell it..........How are you liking the Ps3?
  3. Garnett
    Well there's Heavy Rain which is a crime/mystery/choose-your-path type of game.
    Plus is also an exclusive and has good graphics...
    I'll also recommend getting FFXIII, the graphics are beautiful and the story is pretty interesting (tho I haven't finish).
    You could also get PS1 games from within the console like FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX (the later which I fully recommend to everyone who loves RPGs).
  4. boardroom7
    well fallout 3, the elder scrolls skyrim or oblivion, dragon age origins or 2, bioshock 2 (never had 1) and dragons dogma are all great games!
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