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My first group....but I´m sure I´m not the only one who adores this couple :-)

  1. KuroTsuki14
    I love them as shota/preteen but can get along with older Gil its jsut take time for me. It funny to see Oz .
  2. Roksu
    I found this group when it appeared on the "Random Group" section. Obviously joins once I saw it. Haha, this group doesn't seem to be active atm, though.
  3. Australienfan

    Hmm yeah... it´s really quiet in here
  4. parikala
    I'm glad I found a place for this pairing, haha! Hello everyone!

    Actually, I kinda pair Gil (and Oz... and everyone else in PH) with a lot of people, but this pairing is so entertaining. I'm glad there's a place to discuss it.

    Regarding Oz and Gil's age that was brought up on the previous page: I thought Gil was younger? Oz = 15, Gil = 14 (now 24), right? :\
  5. Roksu
    If Oz hadn't fall into the Abyss, he would be older (25 y.o) than Gil (24 y.o).

    Haha, maybe because the members don't know what to discuss?
  6. Myth
    I really love this pairing *__* are there any good fics? preferably smut x3
  7. velze
    I love both the manga and anime. Not really into the other pairings for PH, but this one really is one of my rare favorites. Raven/Gil x Oz is really hot~

    And if Oz ends up looking more like Jack, he'll probably start looking a little girlier than he does now when he gets older, heh. Exactly the opposite of Gil who looks much more masculine when he aged 10 years.
  8. Australienfan
    @Myth: there are very hot and lovely fics on fanfiction.net e.g
  9. LunaticYutaka
    I love them too x3

    Even though I have to admit, that I definitely prefer Jack x Gil xD'
  10. Flamagram666
    Oh my! One of my fav pairings evur! x33
    I really like them! xD
    And i really dont' bother if the pairing goes with Gil or Oz on top... but sometimes is better Gil uke because his moe face worth it! *A*
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