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other Motoni modoru related things

  1. kumi-kun
    other Motoni modoru related things~go here~
  2. kumi-kun
    Blissfull sin has released a MM oneshot today; Romantic.
    you can download it at their site: Blissful Sin :: Version 3

    I still have to read it, but I bet it's funky as hell!
  3. Ayumik
    Oh, so gotta download then
    and have someone seen Koi ga Bokura no Yurusu Hani ?? (well probably yes but doesn´t matter )
  4. kumi-kun
    Ah yes I have read koi ga bokura! Its quite a good one I think, I admire Motoni-sensei
    for daring and managing to make a manga with female characters that have a purpose.
    (and are not plainly annoying)

    Ah well, I'm quite curious to the new Bluecat volume that comes out this september!
    I believe it's been quite a while since she worked on this series.
  5. kumi-kun

    Liquid passion picked up tetsu x rika and Shiiku Gakari Rika, the second only
    had the first volume scanlated and LP is doing the second, as for tetsu x rika,
    I don't know, as I never finished both stories myself.

    blissful sin has gran guignol listed as upcoming project.
    It is listed as prequel to tanbishugi, of which there are doing the first 3 chapters
    and have released romantic.

    It seems Motoni modoru-sensei's mangas are finally receiving the love and attention they deserve if you'd ask me.
  6. abandonwhisper
    they're continuing rika the breeder?! yes! omg, that has made my day. thanks for the update
  7. kumi-kun
    No activity in this group! it's too bad : ( anyway I guess nothing much has been released.

    But I recently visited motoni's website and she's still working on Detective Bluecat! But I believe she has been ill and so things are going slowly ^^ (or for some other reason not as planned) but I can't wait for this new volume! As I believe it won't be released chapterly like most mangas.
  8. ItachiRules
    omg I want more Rika The Breeder >.<

    I finished Detective Blue Cat XD I loved it

    I can't wait to buy more <3
  9. kumi-kun
    Isn't liquid passion scanlating it? :o I wonder if they are done with it.

    And no new news ;_; I really hope the new Detective bluecat will be released soon! And that they continue the scanlation of her newer mangas.
  10. Pain
    Such a quiet bunch...

    Hello, fellow lovers. I've been honored with Modoru Motoni's works for a little over 7 years but never looked for a group here and randomly, I decided to. And here I am.

    I'm dying to know... what's the relationship going to be like for Hiro and Rika? How will they end? I can't help but feel that Tetsu is either:

    A) Not really dead
    B) Had a really ****ed up dependant relationship with Rika and it destroyed him and it will happen to Hiro and Rika as well.
    C) Modoru Motoni will surprise me with something yummily unexpected.

    Me and my speculating brain. GAH! Bye.
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