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First Post! Introduce yourself here!

  1. Kloudy_Reignfall
    Hey everybody! Welcome to the MGS group. ^_^ There's no real point to this post except to say hello and introduce yourselves, maybe tell everyone who your favorite character is, or how you got into MGS.

    To start off with: Hi I'm Kloudy_Reignfall, but you can call me whatever the heck you want. =)

    My favorite character is probably Otacon, over all, but game-specific, I tend to like Psycho Mantis from MGS1, Emma from MGS2, Ocelot from MGS3, and ... probably Akiba from MGS4.

    I got into MGS about a year or so ago because my husband wanted to introduce me to one of his favorite games that he'd played as a kid. (^^; It's rated M...) Honestly, I didn't think I'd like it, but I was quickly swept up and... well, here I am.

  2. XeePi
    Oh wow I'm surprised there isn't more people here. MGS is amazing. Well introductions...

    You may call me Mark, I've never played MGS but I've watched MGS,MGS Twin Snakes, MGS 2, and MGS 3 played through by my ex-beau. I love me some Big Boss <3

    I get giddy just thinking about it!
  3. ghettoe
    I actually loved the game, but can't harness the strength to finish it, but I don't want spoilers. I swear to finish it next year (cause I obviously won't this year with modern warfare and uncharted two and fifa 10 coming out)
  4. Kloudy_Reignfall
    Welcome to XeePi and ghettoe! I'm glad to see some people actually popped up in my absence. ^^;

    Ghettoe, I hope you finish it! (Let us know what you think when you get there!)
  5. Maylani
    hi nice group! i played almost every mgs game and... it's amazing i just love the stories... hideo kojima is a genius today i started playing mgs3 snake eater... but the game doesn't work like it should... it just freeze and that makes me sad tomorrow i'll try it again, wish me some luck
  6. Kloudy_Reignfall
    Aww, what shame. =( Are you playing on PS2 or PS3? (I've noticed some PS2 games will lag if I play them on my PS3.) I hope you can get it working. MGS3 is a great game (I love eating random wildlife ^^) and has some really important backstory.
  7. Maylani
    well, i play it on ps2, and again, sadly it doesn't work it's now the second time i bought the game, because the first one didn't work either... maybe because it's a platinum version? i'm really sad
  8. Oboro
    Hello there! I'm a big fan of MGS and since I've bought MGS4, I love more and more this serie!
    Well, let me introduce myself: I'm a 25 years old french girl who likes a lot video games, japanese series (books and animes), surfing on the web but this is not the only things I appreciate. I like drawing since my childhood and the most important... Yaoi is the best .

    I think it's all I have to say but if you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to ask me; I'll answer you (and I don't bite ; D)

    See you later!
  9. chunkun
    hello just joined yesterday, i enjoy alot these games, are the only games spy style i play, and i have play twin snakes, sons of liberty and MGS4. favorite characters...um... Snake, Liquid, Otacon, Gray fox, Sniper wolf, Psyco mantis.
  10. YoruHakase
    Hi there, I'm just another fan. : D
    I've loved MGS since the very first time I'd played the first game on PsOne: it was the first stealth game I've ever seen and it was completely subbed in Italian.
    The voices were amazing, especially Snake's one: soooo sexy! xD
    I love also Otacon (I laughed a lot hearing his nickname's explanation) and Gray Fox, one of the most memorable boss IMHO. Actually, I love every single "final stage boss" and character. I'd cryed when Sniper Wolf died and I was so sorry for Psycho Mantis...
    And the song played during the credits is just amazing.
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