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  1. DemonKeeper
    Important announcements can be posted here. Anything you want to let the other staff members know.
  2. DemonKeeper
    Yeah I made this board for a reason.
    I'm currently in a bit of a jam and I'm not going to be able to work on the project all that much.
    I'd like to see what we can put together writing wise. I can help with the script too if it's a questionable thing.

    But like I said I can't be as active as I want to be because oh some real life issues here.
    If it comes to it, and I become TOO inactive go ahead and make some decisions without me and put together what you can. Then when I get back on I can put it all together in RPG Maker...does that sound alright?

    Once again, sorry. I planned on being active with this project and then my computer died >_>
    ...now my car is stalling and in two weeks I'll be in some major big trouble...
    After buying a new battery I want to get a laptop though so I've got my fingers crossed with that! ><

    My Livejournal is sarian_oblivion, friend me if you got one if you want to keep in contact with me since my IMs aren't working on the 98.
  3. Phoenixangel
    No worries ^_^ i've started typing up the beginning of the plot..i'll send it to Haku and Sorin to read ^^and ofc post it on here XD

    mah i feel for you about the car...i dont even have a full license yet and my crappy old one has cost me almost &#163;2000 for various things &#172;&#172; *throws symapthy*
  4. DemonKeeper
    Okay, it's been kinda dead. I just got a new laptop and everything, I hope we can go back to this project. I had a huge family issue and moved to Texas. Now I have tons of time on my hand and I'm not using dial-up anymore yay!!

    Does everyone still want to work on the yaoi game? I hope everyone is still interested...
  5. Phoenixangel
    O.o..Texas huh...interesting..
    I'm still interested ^_^ i did have a small section of an 'introduction/first chapter' written out.
    I think at some point we should get the ppl who are still interested together in a msn convo or something and decide whats what etc?
  6. DemonKeeper
    that totally works for me! I recently got MSN and would love the idea~

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