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Introduce yourself! Talk about Conrad and stuff!

  1. fmadiva
    Yayness! I decided to make a Conrad group cause he didn't have one, which surprises me alot since he's so sweet and lovable! Don't you guys agree?
  2. SeaQueen
    Yay for dedicating a group to all that is our beloved Conrad!

    I'm actually surprised at how many people don't like Conrad.... Maybe they're all just jealous of his perfectness! (The one thing that annoys me about him is that he refuses to get together with Yuuri!!!)
  3. fmadiva
    You are so right seaqueen! I was like, how come they have a group for Wolfram and not sweet, calm, perfect Conrad (almost perfect since he can't tell a joke OR make a move on Yuuri.) Any way thankyou sooooo much for joining!!!!!!! and please spread the love!!!
  4. Ninaeve
    Waaaa!! Thanks for the invitation =D Conrad is finally receiving the respect he deserves... even if I love bratty Wolfram, I absolutely adore Conrad... I mean, he is my dream man =P And well... the jokes part can be forgiven, he is perfect where it counts
  5. fmadiva
    Thank you for joining Ninaeve!<3 I had a feeling you'd like this club ^-^
  6. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    I want to join! I love Conrad!! <-- *Conrad Cheer*

    I don't know why people hate Conrad so much. He's incredibly handsome. In fact, I'm as confused as to why people hate Conrad as I am befuddled over how much people like Wolfram. Wolfram is kind of a cute and funny character, but Conrad is ... DELICIOUS!!!

    Well, I know some people like him with Yuuri, but I prefer "older" pairings, so I love Shouri x Conrad~!!

    Yes, I like Conrad as uke
  7. whit3mag3
    heya ~

    Conrad is perfect!
  8. fmadiva
    OH YEAH! more love for the Con-man! Thanks for joining! ShourixConrad is a hot couple...no! I must resist and keep the ConYuu! wever, both is good.
  9. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    The Con-man I like it!

    Sounds like he should wear a cape
  10. fmadiva
    He is Yuuri's hero after all.
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