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Favorite Character

  1. cally
    So hey, there isn't a lot of activity in here! For the time being I'm having this huge crush on Break..since he's a sucker for sweets and has those hidden intentions, which makes him so... mysterious. ;D So, who's your fav character?
  2. efebriel
    BREAKS!!!!! ^^ i just love him so much....... he has that "je ne sais quoi" xD but u know i also love Gilbert/Raven and Jack(OMG who could not love jack Bezarious anyways xD)
  3. darkalchemist
    Break <3 I also love Vincent and Cheshire... and Lotti. (^-^)
  4. dzlifefighter
    I love Cheshire, hes such a cutie! And of course i love oz! :-D
  5. Yamirou
    I love Jack! <3 I fell in love on a first sight!
  6. Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba
    Cheshire ofc.
  7. Loveless3173
    Haha... I still just really like Oz and Gilbert! ah~ Oz... because he's just so Kawaii!!
    ...and Gilbert. haha... because his adult self totally kicks ass... and he will STILL one day be Oz's Uke!
  8. IloveLfromDN
    I just watched the 9 ep..and am totally in love with Break xD
    but Gilbert made me cry two times already *.* he's just so adorable...
    oh and hello everyone ... nice to meet you ^^
    *subscribes to group*
  9. sukisyoFAN1
    Break is awsome lol i like Oz too :O but alice is awsome aswell so many great characters i cant choooose!
  10. exquisite
    Break & Liam <3 I just have a soft spot for these two.
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