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  1. yaoifanboy17
    Everyone post a link to your story, just so that we all know you're working on, or if you haven't posted anything yet, tell us what you're thinking about doing.

    Here's mine

  2. Nihmmie
    can it also be link to finished work? or only WIP?
  3. yaoifanboy17
    any original fiction is fine
  4. tearfularcher
    Here's the link to my story, I'm still working on it.

  5. DemonKeeper
    Across the Desert Sand ~ A modern boy sent to Ancient Egypt

    No One to Call ~ A angsty drama about a boy who works at a Teen Relief Hotline
    I'd love to get more readers on this!

    Dance Dance Into my Heart ~ A story about two boy's who's relationship builds around the arcade game, DDR

    Innocent Heart ~ One of my feature stories about one of my beloved Demons and them finding love with a human (The reason WHY I am known as DemonKeeper)
    I'd love to get more readers on this!
  6. yaoifanboy17
    I"'s make sure to read those ^_^
  7. Roses
    One Shots

    Title: The Glass Coffin
    Type: Original Fairytale
    Rating: R
    Warning: Erotic asphyxiation(not heavy), obsession
    Summary: Once upon a time there was a beautiful boy in the woods, and a young lord who was smitten

    Title: Phone Connection
    Type: Modern Erotica
    Rating: R to Nc-17
    Warning: Modern, phone sex, dirty-talk, dark.

    Stories In Progress

    Title: Southern Hospitality: Chapter One ** Not on Aarin
    Rating: R, Mature Audiences only.
    Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale, Modern (I call it a modern Southern fantasy but that may or may not work for you)
    Warning: Sex, Language, Odd manipulations of fantasy creatures, Homosexuality, Bi-Sexuality, Heterosexuality, and internalized homophobia.
    Summary: Two old friends tumble into the ocean only to come out on opposite sides of the same shore.

    Title: A Quiet Manor--WIP
    Type: Original Fantasy
    Rating: R
    Warning: Violence, slavery (indentured servitude), bastardization of Scandinavian mythology, dark fantasy
    Summary: Set loosely in the time just after the conversion of a pagan society to Christianity, a young man in the middle of priest training finds himself gambled away and indentured to a battle weary general.
  8. yaoifanboy17
    well we definitely have some talent here, I'm liking what I'm reading
  9. chaosmembrane
    Nice group! I'll definitely check out those stories.

    As for mine:

    Original Oneshot Fics:
    Rating: 18+
    Title: Abomination
    Title: The Servant
    Title: Cold Heart

    Updated May 27, 2009.
  10. strawberriesandcream
    Wow so many stories. I'll have to get a chance and read them all since there are so many interesting ones.

    As for my stories, I have written and posted...

    The Meaning of Love (Complete) -

    Summary: Rei sleeps with anyone he wants to find a place to sleep that is until Ryota Yamasaki steps into the picture. What starts out as an opportunity to take advantage of a classmate turns into something even Rei never expected.

    My Lover Is a Hero (WIP) -

    Summary: Yuki has always been effeminate and isolates himself from the majority of his peers. That’s how he is and that’s how he prefers it. Unfortunately his existence is forced on the radar after being “saved” by Ishimaru Tsubaki, a well-known school hero who helps anyone in need from the tiniest messes to catastrophes. However, Yuki finds that self-righteousness to be bothersome. When Yuki finds himself needing help, Tsubaki, or Tsu preferably, comes to the rescue. On the contrary to being happy, this angers Yuki because he doesn’t need a hero that’ll help everyone. He's always believed that everyone should just help themselves. After an incident between the two, Tsu surprises Yuki when he tells him that he’ll never help him again. This leaves Yuki confused as he doesn't understand why Tsu is making the only exception with him, but is willing to be the friendly hero to everyone else? And why is Tsu suddenly plaguing Yuki’s sexual thoughts? Only their story can answer these questions.

    Weekend Lover (WIP) -

    Summary: Minoru is a down-on-his-luck kind of guy. He's twenty-four years old, recently divorced and he hates it. He’s so lonely and the only thing that makes his life bearable is his teaching job at Chikara Academy. There athletics and education are essential to the school as a whole. Although his life seems to be going down the tubes, Minoru wins a free weekend at the exclusive Anda Hotel and Spa Resort in a bet he made with his coworkers prior to his divorce. Minoru decides to take the weekend and go on this short trip away from the chaos to relax. During the trip however, Minoru gets a strange knock on his door and is greeted by a very beautiful younger male. The male introduces himself as Takai and tells Minoru that he's here to assist him throughout the weekend and see to it that Minoru has the most memorable stay. Their mistaken meeting leads to problems and an unforgettable passion that needs fulfilling.
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