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  1. kittyclawing
    Hey was wondering what fanfictions and doujinshi you guys would recomend! I love sasunaru doujin but was also wonderin if there was anybodyelse/naru doujin lol

    eh this is kinda emmarssing but...Im also am starting a doujinshi up with KibaxNaruto check out if you want <- Advertising lol

  2. RabidYaoiOtaku
    Reflections of Us
    Reflections of Us, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    Summary: The first time Naruto sees Gaara, he sees himself reflected in those eyes as they stared through the window. GaaNarGaa with some Kaka/Iru. yaoi.This story is rated M for a reason! AU

    He Came Every Night
    He came every night, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    Summary: He came every night. He came every night and Shikamaru wondered why. ShikaNaru, meaning yaoi/slash/malexmale love. Warnings inside. Past SasuNaru

    Needed, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    Jiraiya finds a beaten and broken Naruto. Naruto finds what he always needed. Yaoi

    Gift, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    Summary:[NejiShikaNaru Lemon OneShot] Naruto always had to spend his birthday alone, but this year something is going to change...

    Ragtag Heroes Are Never Fallen
    Ragtag Heroes Are Never Fallen, a Naruto fanfic - FanFiction.Net
    Summary: When Sasuke and Naruto are battling Haku, what if it was Naruto not Sasuke that jumped out and saved his teammate. SasuNaru, Sakurabashing and OOC, AUish.
  3. kittyclawing
    I shall read these immedently
  4. breathlesstao
    Um, couldn't we have separate threads for doujins/artworks and fanfics? I'm afraid of graphics getting lost among the fic links, I mean, I dunno about others, but I for one know so much more fics than doujins or pics... *kicks imaginary pebble*
  5. RabidYaoiOtaku
    LOL ^^ true ummm okay this will be the doujinshi thread from now on
  6. kittyclawing
    Yea thats true lol
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