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What makes Naruto an Uke

  1. KuroKistune
    >.> He just looks like he is easy to take advantage of...
  2. q.wert666
    What do I say.... EVERYTHING! Not only every bit of his appearance but also the character and uber emotional behaviour, Kishimoto was too good for us while making him up this is too much *fapfapfap*
  3. ItaNarulover
    I have a few more...
    1) He has a squeaky, feminine voice. (His voice actor is actually female. ;P) I bet all semes would enjoy the way he'd sound beneath them... his sexy little pants, moans and grunts. Though, if he'd scream they'd all probably reach over to grab a pair of earplugs... ahum.
    2) The scene in Naruto Shippuuden The Movie... where he shakes the water out of his hair. Enough said.
    3) He cannot look intimidating. No matter how much he tries to glare at you, he always end up looking cute.
    4) His smile can melt hearts.
    5) His ramen addiction. The way he slurps down those noodles probably makes people think of other... inappropriate things...

    The list can go on. Naruto is the ultimate uke. Gah, I love him.
  4. Jeddy
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