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Get Backers

  1. Chigusa.dono
    The first message O.O Get Backers just rocks!! I've watched the anime like 3 years ago and the manga's still ongoing.. I still think when Ginji shrinks in front of Akabane is so funny and cute..
  2. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo

    Get Backers rocks my socks XD

    Ban and Ginji are so made for each other
  3. Chigusa.dono
    I agree>.<
    Haa! Now I finally got to add some pictures Woot!
    And Ginji's always so cute and Ban is like, totally Hot!
  4. BlueLigthstars
    Get backers rocks !!!!!!
    I do love this anime ^_^
  5. eiri
    I love love love the pairing of Juubei x Kazuki. Ban is just too hot! *drools* oh and Akabane as well.
  6. Dark Adonis
    Dark Adonis
    Get Backers is one of my favorite shounen/action anime titles! Akabane drew me in! I dressed up as him for a convention that I went to. I also have a sexy picture of Ban and Ginji from New Type USA magazine on my wall.
  7. Blue_Star
    One of the few canon pairs that I'm absolutely crazy over. These two are great!!!
  8. Isan
    Naturally I'm all for BanGinji and Juubei x Kazuki, but am I the only one with Masaki x Teshimine? I can't help it! They're so the mommy and daddy of mugenjo XD
  9. sujasmine
    Cool Pictures. Thanks Chigusa.dono
  10. sujasmine
    I love Ginji reaction every time he sees Akabane. For someone that is evil, Akabane is so funny. I like the he teases Ginji. One of my favorite episode is when Ginji is in the hosiptal after chasing a rice ball. I love that episode.
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