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  1. Strude
    post your general chatter here!
  2. janie
    Want the world to know how unimpressed you are with sparkly vamps? Want them to know without you having to say anything? Well look no further Someone on DeviantART has designed a tee. Check it out.
  3. crinkletoes
    Real ones may not, but these ones do:

    An actual gay porno spoof of Twilight...

  4. janie
    ...twinklight...is that for real?! Though, I wouldn't be surprised if it was more entertaining than the twilight movie
  5. Strude

    Sad thing is twink in porn, DOES NOT mean twink like in PVP (World of Warcraft) LOLOLOLOL . . . I have NO idea where I am going with this . . . /Goes and hides out on her Sheezy Art account and spams the porn site with her stuff! XD
  6. ahgreg

    Found this in one of the threads
  7. Queyd
    Hi, and thank you for approving my join request! ^^

    ...there isn't much life here, is it?
  8. Strude
    Yeah, no not much life. >___>'
  9. Strude
    Made this group without TRULY thinking of what to do with it! >D
  10. meryvamp
    Omg, the bunnies! The bunnies! I freakin' the bunnies!Check these out! These are two 30-second spoofs of the movies. Sooooo funny!!!! You might need to watch them several times as they go really fast.


    New Moon:

    I like how someone commented: "Good, now I don't have to watch this stupid movie." LOL
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