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Join us... The duggie lover...

  1. sequoi
    Introduce yourself and tell us all about your pet dogs... ^^
  2. sequoi
    Hi there... I'm new here and i loveeeeeee dogs... I used to have 7 dogs...
    2 Yorkshire terrier
    1 Mini Pincher
    1 Dachshund
    3 mix up between dachsund and mini pincher

    Yea... As you can see my dogs are the small type one. I want to have a big one, but my family didn't want a big dogs...
    And now i only have 4 dogs, 2 of them already died because of old age and 1 i gave him to my mom's best friend.
    I esp love my mini pincher, she can be cute, and annoying at the same time. And boy, she could pose...
  3. vessto
    Hi! I'm huge fan of the dogs! I used to have three. The first one was a male Italian Bolognese, he died at 16 in 2001. Now I have two female dogs. The older is 18 yo and already doesn't go to an walk outside. She's kinda Terierr. The other one is Maltese Bolognese. I have found her on the tram station and I have taken her home. Tomorrow I'll post photos of them both as well as a photo of a puppy I have found near to the block. But she was a huge race and we have given her to live in a village.

    sequoi, could you post pix of your doggies?
  4. vessto
    Whoa! sequoi , they are lovely! And Bocil is really one beautiful actress! Her look is so cute!
  5. sequoi
    I know... She is truly a posey dog... I still have some of it in my cell, i'll transfer it soon...
  6. iLikeYou
    Hello~ The only dog I have is an American Eskimo. It's white, furry, and hyper. ^^
  7. vessto
    Hey! I checked on Google! American Eskimo is a gorgeous race!!! It seems not to be a huge dog.
  8. iLikeYou
    Lol thank you, vessto. My doggy is fat. ;P
    It still has the energy to bark at 3am though. xD
  9. Vincentlover23
    Hiiiii everyone! I don't have adog but my brother has a Yorkie! She is sooo small and cute!
  10. sequoi
    Aaaaaaaw... A yorkie?? She must look sooooo cute... I remember my first dog, also a yorkie. He died last year... 16 glorious years... I missed him sooooo much...
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