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Hi everyone~

  1. Gears
    Introduce yourselves!

    Over the next little bit I'll be collecting pictures to put in the gallery thing. Feel free to post your own! (if you can do that, I'm not even sure! D; )

    My favorite kimonomimi would be dog ears if they weren't regularly drawn so fuzzy. x: What's your favorite?
  2. Ohjisama
    hey!! I love Kimonomimi or as google thinks it is called Kemonomimi but I really don't know myself!
    my favorite is cat ears followed by dog then bunny and whatever else there is ^^
    I don't really have any pictures myself but I have seen a lot of very yummy pictures!! <3 cat ears oh I wonder what it would be like if Soubi still had his ears it would be sooo cute <3
  3. RabidYaoiOtaku
    ^_^ hey Gears-chan, and Ohjisama-san! My favorite would have to be fox ears and then kitty ears ^^;;
  4. Ohjisama
    ahh I love the new pictures!!! <3 sooo cute I may upload some but I'll have to find some first I'm normally not the one that saves every picture I find onto my computer hehe ^^ and welcome to the group rabidyaoiotaku ^^
  5. RabidYaoiOtaku
    ^__^ thanks and im happy u like them!
  6. coz1134
    ... where are all of the pictures? :o *loves a certain kind of ears that she doesn't know how to discribe well* they are kind of long and come from the side if the head... o-ol
    Hello everyone! ^^ I was really bored so I decided to randomly browse and actually came across something interesting ^^
  7. fovika
    coz1134 do you mean ears like this or this?

    (red is link)
  8. coz1134
    AHH!! DX That second one was creepy I like fluffy ears, doesn't matter what they are - but I think the ones that come out to the side are particularly cute. I was randomly browsing and I came across a tutorial that I can't find anymore about them
  9. Aeli
    mine would be kitty ears
  10. NingyoHime
    Hehe, it's not kimonomimi, it's kemonomimi (kemono=beast). =^.^=
    I love the ears and the tails on both girls and boys. The ones I like the most are cat, wolf, fox ears/tails, but everything else is ok as well. I'm the happiest when there are a lot of kemonomimi characters instead of only one (like in Loveless, Lamento, Tokyo Mew Mew). ^0^
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