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  1. sujasmine
    I would love to draw anime but I have a hard time. I do so-so when drawing a still life object. I mostly do sketching and I don't get a chance to do it often.
  2. Rimona
    Oh I love drawing! This is such a good idea for a group ^^
  3. Dragonblood
    Hello minna-san!! I simply love to draw, but have a hard time drawing realistic-looking people. My drawing style is somewhat anime-like
  4. Manius
    I enjoy drawing still lifes. I have only done a couple of drawings in an anime style, but I plan on doing many more.
  5. Miriashi
    Hi^^ I would love to join this group. I love to draw anime style I don't have many pictures I consider good enough *fidget*
  6. Davy
    Geee...... such thing Dai-kun could think of! Cool club! ^^
    Hi ppl, I'm Dave. Drawing is my life! ^^
  7. Sururu
    I love to draw yaoi 8D (A lot of xxx stuff) ^^/// - I also try to draw in different manga and manwha(manhwa?) styles, I don't think I've found one that I'm comfortable with yet but people always seem to know when a picture is one that I've drawn... maybe I already have my own style without realizing. ^o^;;;
  8. Davy
    why dont we post our drawings here so that other ppl can see? 8D
  9. sanada
    Hey! Mind if I join in?! Haha

    Even tho I only draw like 3 pics a year... I can still come here right? >> LOL
    I did draw more then that before tho... Oh well! It's not my fault if I like reading hot fics better then drawing! ehe

    Oh and, I draw animes but sadly enough, I don't draw Yaoi! T__T
  10. Kyubi_Uchiha
    I can spent hours and hours drawing, i'm not very good but i try ^^ *sweatdrop* i do naruto fanart mostly

    So, hummm, should we upload some of our drawings? xD
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