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  1. Lady Strongarm
    Lady Strongarm
    Hello everyone, I guess I'll introduce myself...

    I'm Sarah, and I'm an (attempted) artist.
    I'm self-taught and I work with pencils/paper and Photoshop/tablet.
    I've been drawing since I was about 12/13 but after a while stopped drawing for about 2 years. I've recently been wanting to draw again and I'm trying hard to crack the rust off my skills. I'm happy to see there are other artists here on arrin.
  2. xbloodxsinx
    hi hi i love to darw all kinds of anime but yaoi of course is what i do bets yaay i love yaoi well dah lol <3
  3. jvgab93
    hi! i just joined recently, and i also love to draw in anime style. It's a hobby of mine, and i like to draw coz i like to see the happy faces of the people who i gave some of my sketches, coz they want it i only use paper/pencil/ink. .ahahaha. .it's really good to see other people who loves to draw like me. . . i also added some of my messy sketches. . ahahaha
  4. sapphireleo
    Hiiiiiii~!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha~! btw I'm new and yeah I luv to draw bl bishounen yay~ btw here r the characters for my bl story ha ha ^///^ http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/member...85/index3.html hope u enjoy and nice to meet u all ^^ just hope this group isnt dead now... TT.TT
  5. goddessofdeath
    I thoroughly enjoy drawing manga, It'm thinking of drawing my own doujinshi one day! I'm experimenting with different art styles atm.
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